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Chinese-Canadian Relations after ELXN2021

Episode Notes

A $600 million election for Canada to wind up pretty well where we started: A Liberal minority. For those of us who lamented the lack of discussion on foreign policy in the campaign, there is one huge issue facing this country and that is the Chinese government. 


Will Relations be different this time around? 


There has been a dark cloud hanging over Canada-China relations for 3- years now. Before the pandemic, it was “the two Michaels “ who have been incarcerated and convicted on trumped up charges in the wake of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver. Factor in the Sabre rattling about Taiwan and China’s expansion into the South China Sea and it appears China is not concerned with others. 


Our Unpublished.vote question asks: 


Do you expect Canada-China relations to improve with our new government? 



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The Canada - China relationship got a free pass during the campaign, but it’s been more than one thousand days since the “two Michaels “ knew freedom, Taiwan continues to be intimidated, Canadians in Hong Kong feel trapped. All eyes are watching what happens next. 


Coming up on the Unpublished Cafe, we’ll take a look at the response from the world including a new partnership to tackle China. Later in the show, we’ll talk to author, Joanna Chiu whose new book, China Unbound, will soon be on shelves. Joanna also covers China for the Toronto Star in Vancouver. First, I’m pleased to be joined by Bijan Ahmadi, Executive Director of the Institute of Peace and Democracy.



  1. Bijan Ahmadi, Executive Director of the Institute of Peace and Democracy
  2. Elliot Tepper, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University
  3. Joanna Chiu, Toronto Star journalist and author