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2021 Federal Budget

Episode Notes

The numbers in the proposed 2021 Federal Budget are jaw dropping in their scope. The Liberals unveiled their plan for getting Canadians out of the pandemic and on the road to economic recovery. Will it lead to a federal election?

More than $100 billion in new spending for job creation, business support, and the jewel in the crown, a $30 billion investment over five years to set up a National Childcare Program with the ultimate goal of getting the cost down to $10 a day. Modelled a lot like Quebec’s current program.

This Budget is their first in more than two years. The NDP has been propping up the Liberals thus far and it will be interesting to see if they will do so again or trigger an election.

Our Unpublished.vote question asks: Do you expect the Federal Budget to be passed or will it lead to a federal election—Yes, No or Unsure?

You can log on and vote right now at Unpublished.vote to email your MP and have your voice heard.


1. Warren Kinsella, Political commentator
2. Jim Stanford, Director, Centre for Future Work
3. Mostafa Askari, Chief Economist, Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy